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Free Practice (easy)

Want to nail that test? Practice makes perfect...

Features include:

Session timing
Randomly generated questions
Unlimited session lengths
Dynamic score calculation
Session performance breakdown
Unlimited sessions

Our detailed reports provide links to the modules and question types you need to polish to pass IRL.

With our random question generator, it's unlikely you'll get the same combination of questions in any two sessions, so you can test till you drop without getting bored!

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Drill Mode (more challenging)

Just like Free Practice, except you get a little help from our automatic drill instructor (Auto DI)...

Here's how that looks:

Auto DI monitors your performance
Answering incorrectly swings Auto DI into action
Your next three questions (reps) will all be on the same topic as the one you got wrong
Correctly Answer three times in a row to return to random questions
Auto DI helps you iron out the creases in your learning

There's nothing stopping you from going away to search for answers if you're really stuck.

When you get back, Auto DI will check your learning and you'll be hammering those questions in no time!

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